GBPUSD Forecast | Daily Technical Analysis for January 25, 2017

GBPUSD Forecast | Daily Technical Analysis for January 25, 2017

GBPUSD Technical Overview

Yesterday Closed       1.2521

Today Open                1.2521

Day’s Range   1.2513 – 1.2542

52 wk Range   1.1450 – 1.5020

1-Year Return – 12.04%


GBPUSD Technical Support and Resistance

Possible trading range for today 1.2513 – 1.2542

GBPUSD pair possibly will find the immediate support at 1.2442. If, market breaks the first support then it will go for the following support to test. Following supports are 1.2363 and 1.2311.

On the other side the market has immediate resistance at 1.2573. If, market breaks the primary resistance level then, market will go for the new resistance level 1.2625 and 1.2704.


GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis

We had mentioned the same thing in our forecast yesterday where we had said that the ruling was expected to uphold the earlier decision which made the Parliament approval mandatory. We had also mentioned that though this would be good for the pound overall, there was a likelihood of a buy the rumor, sell the fact kind of move and this is what we saw yesterday as well as the pair crashed through 1.2500 and went as low as 1.2420 following the ruling but then it spent the rest of the day recovering. As of this morning, it has managed to recover its entire loss and sits below 1.2550 and we believe that this move in the pound has the legs to carry it as far as 1.27 or 1.28. This ruling is positive for the pound in the short term but its long term effects and the subsequent delays could place a lot of pressure on the pound in the medium term.

We do not have any major news from the UK but we have the oil inventory data from the US later on in the day which has the capacity to bring in risk into the markets. We believe that the GBPUSD pair will consolidate through the day with a bullish bias.