Sterling risk: will the terror attack delay the UK elections scheduled for June 8th?

A horrific event has occurred in Manchester and a suspected terror attack took place at a music concert where as many as 50 have been injured and 19 fatalities have been reported.

  • Manchester explosion casualty: 50 injured – Greater Manchester Police

There were reports of a huge explosion at Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom – the largest indoor venue in Europe for such events that has a capacity of 21,000 people.

  • UK officials suspect Manchester blast was caused by suicide bomber – NBC news

The suspected bomb went off at the end of a concert where singer Ariana Grande has been performing at the largest indoor venue for such events that has a capacity of 21,000 people – it was full of teenagers and families today.

  • Controlled explosion in Cathedral Gardens shortly – Greater Manchester Police

There is an additional suspected device in Cathedral Gardens being reported where police will carry out a controlled explosion imminently. This all comes just after the Westminster and Parliament attack in the UK on the 26th March, where five people had died, with 50 injured.

This latest tragedy also falls just fifteen days away from the UK general elections and the risk for the pound from here is whether this will delay the campaigning as the UK remains at the second highest level of security.  Ironically, work on implementing an independent review of London’s response to terrorism had been delayed due to PM May’s call for a snap General Election.