Australian Shares Edges High at Close of Trade

Australian Shares Edges High at Close of Trade


Profits in the Metals & Mining, Materials, and Resources sector-led Shares elevated resultantly affect the Australian stock, edges higher following the close on Thursday.

The S&P/ASK200 added 1.02% to hit a new 52-week high. The outshining performers of the session were EML Payments LTD, which raised 5.72% with 0.31 points to trade at 5.73 at the close.

On the other hand, Unibail Rodamco Westfield(ASX: URW) was up 4.53% and 0.24 and Deterra Royalties Ltd(ASX: DRR) was high at 4.25% and 0.17 points in late trade.

The Worst Performers were Resolute Mining Ltd(ASX: RSG), which Declined 3.13% or 0.015 points. Brickworks Ltd(ASX:BKW), was down 2.52% or 0.53 points to end at 20.50.