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Dollar gets the Benefit Amid Economic Recovery; get Support from Bond Rise

Dollar gets the Benefit Amid Economic Recovery; get Support from Bond Rise


  • Overall performance of Dollar is under control due to the rise in Bond
  • The Swiss Franc declined to 0.9369 per Dollar.
  • The GBP slightly up 0.1% to $1.3834, with a three-week low of $1.3779 on Friday.
  • The USD inclined to 109.235 against the yen, the highest in nine months on the other hand Euro hovered at $1.18530.

The rise in bond yields and expectations of the fastest economic recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S gives the benefit to the Dollar and The U.S. currency holding the position near a 3 ½ month high versus other currencies on Tuesday.

The Dollar’s Index rose 0.1% against the six major currencies to 92.469, the highest since late November.

The dollar lingered around three-month highs on Monday after the approval of the U.S senate stimulus bill instigated another sell-off in the bond market.

The U.S. data shows non-farm payrolls gushed by 379,000 jobs last month while the U.S. Senate approved President Joe Biden’s $1.9 Trillion stimulus package.

The U.S. data labor market is ameliorated; the Market is getting better with each passing day with the expectation of economic recovery by the vaccination roll out and the passage of stimulus package.

The Market is looking forward to The U.S. Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting going to be held next week, However, the expectation of any major changes is not in cards due to the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell last week shows the least botheration in the rise in Bond Yields.