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Iran and Russia to Conduct Trade Using Own Currencies, Bypassing US Dollar – Reports by State Media

Iran and Russia to Conduct Trade Using Own Currencies, Bypassing US Dollar – Reports by State Media

Iran and Russia have reached a significant milestone in their economic partnership by agreeing to conduct trade transactions using their respective local currencies, thereby sidelining the US dollar. This strategic move, confirmed by Iranian state media, was solidified during discussions held by the central bank chiefs of both nations in Russia.

The shift to local currencies comes as both countries face stringent US sanctions, prompting them to seek alternative financial mechanisms for their trading operations. By establishing a system that operates outside of the conventional SWIFT interbank network, they have created a pathway to facilitate trade without reliance on the US dollar.

The timing of this agreement aligns with the strengthening of ties within the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which recently incorporated Iran into its fold through a comprehensive free trade agreement signed on December 25. This inclusion into the EEU is a strategic gain for Iran, broadening its economic horizons and reinforcing its trade potential within the region.

For Russia, Iran’s partnership has grown increasingly vital following the imposition of Western sanctions due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. These sanctions have heavily restricted Russia’s access to traditional foreign trade markets, particularly in Europe, propelling it to seek and develop alternative trade routes and partners.

The deepening of Iran-Russia relations is not confined to economic aspects alone but extends into military cooperation. In November, Iran announced the finalization of deals with Russia that would enhance its military capabilities, including the acquisition of advanced Su-35 fighter jets, Mi-28 attack helicopters, and training for pilots on the Yak-130 aircraft. This move signifies a mutual interest in not only bolstering their economies but also in strengthening strategic and defense collaborations in the face of geopolitical pressures.

This realignment of trade and military alliances by Iran and Russia represents a significant pivot away from Western-dominated financial systems and defense dependencies. By forging their own paths and utilizing local currencies for trade, both countries are sending a clear signal of their intent to operate independently of the influence exerted by the US dollar and to resist the limitations imposed by sanctions.