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Popular in India, Made in China Toys Acquired by the United States Due to Usage of Dangerous Chemicals

Popular in India, Made in China Toys Acquired by the United States Due to Usage of Dangerous Chemicals

The Chinese toys that are highly popular in India have been seized by the government of the United States due to the usage of harmful chemicals that may not be appropriate for children’s health. The toys were captured in the US after they got found coated with dangerous chemicals as per the news released by the government officials of the United States.

The United States border protection or CBP has warned Indian consumers to stay cautious before buying children’s toys as the holiday shopping season is running in the nation. The statement was heard by the official of the US as the toys were seized as they had lead, barium, and cadmium in them.

The officers of the consumer products safety commission and CBP investigators searched for the toys on July 16. The boxes were shipped that straightly came from China and included 295 packages full of Lagori 7 stones. Lagori is a popular game played by Indian children’s in cities/villages with full enthusiasm.

Since the year 2007, the US and Indian both government started to take initiatives in the safety of children with chemical-based toys. The government has taken regulatory measures like seeing the toy-making companies products, restricting the toxic chemicals specifically made for toys and immediately taking actions for stopping chemical-based toys.

The CBP stopped the shipment on August 24 and took the samples of the toys and submitted it to a lab for analysis. This was revealed that toys were coated in Barium, Lead, and Cadmium that were too unsafe to be used. Thus, the CBP needed to seize them on Oct 4. Its important to ensure that our children are safe and prior safety decisions has been taken by our department said an official from CBP. It’s a great measure that always keeps the children safe and stops the individuals who are earning money from unethical ways.