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Taliban’s Economy on Stake, People Dependent on Former Economic Experts

Taliban’s Economy on Stake, People Dependent on Former Economic Experts

In the good old days, the country of Taliban used to have 250 members in their parliament that used to make economic decisions for the community and used to have a relation with 40 countries in the world but now it’s only 50 representatives left. Only the US is the nation that takes part in the conversation with its major decisions as of now.

When the Taliban overpowered Afghanistan, it found that Afghanistan’s economy is struggling a lot and people are dying of hunger and poverty. This was the reason for them to call the former financial managers of Afghanistan and they handed them over their old responsibilities to improve their economy as Talibani’s were busy doing other jobs.

The Taliban told us “we are not experts and you are running it for years, so handle it again” said the bank official who was still in the captured Afghanistan.

People who used to donate to the Afghans were stopped once the Taliban took over the nation. The Afghanis used to get almost 45% of the GDP that was distributed in the public sector of the salaries of their employees. The union spent nearly $11B alone in the year 2019.

Afghanis had an economy of $9B before the takeover and after the Taliban came, it was just $1B left. However, the Taliban have cut out a lot of corruption in the country from the time they took over and have offered transparency to people in their works. The bank officials have claimed that Afghanis have just $160 to $350 left behind them now.

According to the experts, things will take a long time if the Taliban want to stable their economy but they are doing their best and looks like they are equally doing well for their new part. Let’s see how Talibani can improve their economic conditions with the former experts.