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Technical Market update 23th June

Technical Market update 23rd June

Generally speaking, EUR/USD is moving downwards.
The eurozone Consumer Confidence information delivered yesterday demonstrated a slight decrease in the level of the negativity of the overviewed buyers on the eurozone economy. European Central Bank President Lagarde will be talking tomorrow at 0000 (GMT+8). During this time, there might be unpredictability in EUR. As of now, EUR/USD is moving towards the opposition zone of 1.19700 and the following support zone is at 1.17900. Search for selling chances of EUR/USD if it dismisses the resistance zone of 1.19700.


In general, GBP/USD is moving downwards. The UK streak PMI information will be delivered later at 1630 (GMT+8).
GBP/USD’s next support zone is at 1.38000 and the following obstruction zone is at 1.40000. Search for momentary buying chances of GBP/USD. GBP/USD dealers assault intraday low close 1.3940, keeping uneven moves inside a 10-pips exchanging range, during the Asian meeting on Wednesday. Bulls stay confident during play until the statement stays past 61.8% Fibonacci retracement. For a situation where the GBP/USD purchasers cross the 1.4010 obstacles, the 1.4100 edges should get back to the outline.
Generally speaking, USD/CAD is moving upwards. As of late, USD/CAD broke the support zone of 1.23800.
The Canadian retail deals information will be delivered later in 2030 (GMT+8). USD/CAD teeter-totters in an uneven reach above 1.2300, as of late facilitating to 1.2307, amid a calm Asian meeting on Wednesday. The Loonie pair dropped throughout the previous two days amid a pullback in the US dollar. However, the most recent union of oil value tests the pair dealers amid an absence of bearing, just as the blended slant in front of the second-level information.
Generally, AUD/USD is moving downwards. As of late, AUD/USD moved into the resistance zone of 0.75500.
Save Bank of Australian Assistant Governor Ellis will be talking later at 1115 (GMT+8). During this time, there might be unpredictability in AUD.
Presently, AUD/USD is trying the resistance zone of 0.75500 and the following support zone is at 0.73900. AUD/USD is exchanging under tension underneath 0.7550, as the US dollar endeavors a bounce back after the Fed Chair Powell-drove auction. Powell facilitated worries over expansion and strategy fixing in his declaration on Tuesday.
Search for momentary selling chances of AUD/USD on the off chance that it neglects to break the resistance zone of 0.75500.