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Top Bonuses Offered By Best Forex Trading Company

Top Bonuses Offered By Best Forex Trading Company

Being a good trading company is not a simple aspect, especially if you talk about the forex market. But knowing about the major aspects of it is even more significant. Every trading firm tries to offer unique qualities that keep them aside from the wrong ones. Thus, it’s essential to find the best forex trading company that has attractive bonuses that keep your interest alive. Bonuses are like the perks of a group that you can simply enjoy. They are like the foundation of trading because, without them, you may not get motivated towards trading. Here are the essential bonuses offered by a top forex company:

Best Forex Trading Company Bonuses to Offer

  • 100% Credit Bonus 

This type of bonus is offered when you submit an amount in your trading account. This bonus is got when you put a minimum account in your trading account. You can easily get up to the sum of $20,000 per account for withdrawal or trading purposes. An excellent company will help you get a 100% bonus and not half of it. Once you deposit the minimum value, the company would transfer the amount to your account. Thus, a best forex trading company will therefore let you enjoy high leverage while you trade.   

  • 30% Tradable Bonus

This is a type of bonus that lets you experience extra money on every deposit. You will enjoy depositing the money and have time to double your investments with no effort. It’s one of the best forex products out there in the market that lets you feel secure while trading. All you need to earn in this type of trading is deposit a sum of at least $500. A great broker will offer you the bonus as per percentage like 10% bonus as per spending money in between 500-999$, 20% bonus by spending amount in between 1000-4999$, 25% bonus by investing in between 5000-9999$ and 30% bonus by spending in between 10,000-25000$.

  • 100% Rescue Tradable Bonus

This is similar to the double bonus offered by the best forex trading company. One is the rescue bonus and another one is a tradable bonus. This bonus is provided to the traders when they deposit $1100 in their accounts, and they obtain tradable and rescue bonuses. The major advantage you get in this type of bonus is doing trading without restrictions. It’s always unfair when you want to trade, but you have earned no funds on it. Great forex brokers offer this facility of allowing their traders to use the easy way to withdraw. Thus making money is super easy!

Terms and Conditions of Best Forex Trading Company Bonuses

  • 100% Credit Bonus Terms

The company always reserves the right to amend the bonus without the notification given to the client. This only happens when a client has opened the account and has registered to the terms but is not following it. Best forex products can only be enjoyed when you do the new deposits in your account. Make sure you have at least $250 submitted to your trading account. The bonus is only offered to the individuals who have used the standard account. A client should meet the age requirements of at least 18 years to get this bonus.

  • 30% Tradable Bonus Terms

You don’t have many terms and conditions in the trading bonus, but you have to submit at least $500 or above money in your account. The other catch lies in the 30% bonus is in the lot size you complete in a month. You require complete 10% lots in a month to get this bonus. Following all the requirements will make you capable of getting this bonus.

  • 100% Rescue Tradable Bonus Terms

For getting this type of bonus, you need to fulfill the below conditions:

  1. Only the new clients can be a part of this bonus scheme and take advantage of it.
  2. The client must have at least 18 years of age. Verification is always required before providing the bonus amount to any client.
  3. You always can use the rescue bonus amount as a margin but cannot withdraw it.
  4. It’s an utmost important step for the client to take once he applies for a rescue bonus. He has to deposit money in 5 days. Also, he has to maintain a minimum size of 0.10 lots for a single trade.

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