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AUD / USD approaches 0.7200 as risk sentiment joins Australian mixed data

AUD / USD approaches 0.7200 as risk sentiment joins Australian mixed data

The AUD / USD hit a daily high near 0.7185 as mixed data at home added to the market’s cautious optimism to challenge immediate action early on Tuesday. 4,444 Australia’s retail sales exceeded expectations of 3.9%, 4.9% exceeded 7.3% MoM and the trade balance reached 9423 million. Details suggest that both exports and imports rose to 2.0% and 6.0 on the order of 3.0%. %, each. Data aside, the cautious optimism of the market considering the risk barometer status of the pair can also be cited as an additional catalyst for the recent rise in the AUD / USD pair. The limited comments of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell can be seen as a major risk of risk sentiment, according to the comments prepared for today’s testimony. “The economy is growing faster than it was a few years ago, and the labor market is resilient,” the Federal Reserve said, strengthening his promise to prevent high inflation.

In addition, comments on Merck’s official slogan, “Any variant of Covid, where the Molnupiravir mechanism expects to counter Omicron,” can be quoted as positive for risk-taking. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ (FRED) 10-year breakeven inflation rate, stable inflation expectations in the United States are also challenging bears ahead of key US consumer price index (CPI) data in December. It’s worth noting.

In these developments, US equity futures have recorded a slight rise, while 10-year Treasury yields have raised their previous day’s pullback by 2.3 basis points (bps) from the previous year’s highs to 1.757% at the latest. I’m pulling it up.

Going forward, AUD / USD pair traders will continue to look at the Fed’s Prime Minister Powell’s testimony to gain further insight into rate hikes that could put pressure on Australian prices. However, for a clear direction, it is important to monitor market reaction through yields and equities.