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25bp Hawkish Hike from the RBA
February 7, 2023

25bp Hawkish Hike from the RBA The RBA hiked the cash rate target by 25 basis points to 3.35% Underlying inflation was above expectations to 6.9% Strong domestic demand is adding to the inflationary pressures CPI is expected to decline this year due to global factors and slower growth in domestic demand Medium-term inflation expectations

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RBA Expected to Hike by 25bps
February 6, 2023

RBA Expected to Hike by 25bps The RBA are expected to rise interest rates by 25 bp to 3.35% tomorrow, which would take rates to their highest level since September 2012. If so, it would be their fourth consecutive 25bp hike and ninth back-to-back hike this cycle – which is their most aggressive in history.

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USD/CNH, China’s Economy Expanding
February 3, 2023

USD/CNH, China’s Economy Expanding The National Bureau of Statistics China released PMI data this week which shows both the manufacturing and services sector are expanding. Appetite for risk has enjoyed a great to start to the year, mostly thanks to China reopening and abandoning their covid-zero policy. It was a key reason as to why

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FOMC Hikes Rates and Signals More to Come
February 2, 2023

FOMC Hikes Rates and Signals More to Come As universally expected, the FOMC raised its target range for the federal funds rate by 25 bps at the conclusion of its policy meeting today. But the tightening cycle likely is not over yet as the FOMC noted that it “anticipates that ongoing increases in the target

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The Bank Of England Preview
February 1, 2023

The Bank Of England Preview The Bank of England has a decision to make tomorrow. It is not “to hike or not to hie”. It is to hike by 25 or 50bps, that’s the question. As well as the rate decision itself, the BoE’s comments on the economic outlook and future tightening, as well as

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