Chinese Property Stocks Fail to Ease Growth Concerns, Bears Control Asian Stock Market

Chinese Property Stocks Fail to Ease Growth Concerns, Bears Control Asian Stock Market

The Asian stock market is not doing so well today. Even though China’s property stocks are getting better, the overall situation is not great. People who trade stocks are being careful because they saw big losses yesterday. They are also waiting for a report called the US ISM Services PMI.

A thing called the MSCI’s Index of Asia-Pacific shares (excluding Japan) has gone down by almost 1%. But in Japan, something called the Nikkei 225 has gone up by 0.75% in the morning.

Yesterday, a number for China’s Caixin Services PMI in August was not so good. It was 51.8, which is lower than the 54.1 from before. This made people worry about China’s economy. There is also a problem between the US and China, and the US Commerce Secretary talked about it. She said that the US will keep taxes on things from China until they look at it again in four years.

Some good things about the US have made the stock market not feel great. There was a report about US Factory Orders, and it was not good. People thought it would be -0.1%, but it was -2.1% for July. But if you don’t count some things, it went up by 0.8%. They also sent out more stuff, and they have more stuff in their stores now. Some people from the US Federal Reserve also talked about money stuff. One person said they want to be careful with money, and another person said they don’t want to make money cheaper.

Even though some news from China said they might help the real estate business, the stock market in China is not doing well. It’s like what’s happening in the US stock market and something called the S&P 500 Futures. The US Dollar is also strong, which means it’s worth a lot compared to other money. Gold and oil prices are not changing much. In New Zealand, Hong Kong, and India, stocks are not doing well either.

In Australia, the numbers looked better than people thought, but it didn’t make the stock market better. It went down by 0.80%.

In the future, what happens in the stock market will depend on what happens in China’s economy and how the US does. We need to watch carefully to see what will happen next.