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Dollar Elevated with Rising Treasury Yields and Stimulus Measure

Dollar Elevated with Rising Treasury Yields and Stimulus Measure
  • The Dollar persistence high on the global market regains its glory.
  • Treasury yields outshine 1% for the very first time since March.


The anticipation of large stimulus measures drove the U.S Treasury yields higher, roses 1.148% during the last session. Resultantly, The U.S. Dollar continues to gain highs after the fourth day on Tuesday morning against major currencies.

Joe Biden promised to add trillions in extra COVID-19 stimulus measures after calming administration on 20th Jan 2021.

The rising yields have diminished the tension of extravagant spending on the stimulus measure that could increase Inflation, which perhaps making the Dollar situation worrisome at a certain point.

According to the fraction of investors, the dollar position could be gloomy in upcoming days as the Dollar Index almost loses 7% in 2020, Furthermore, The COVID 19 vaccination will begin leads to control the ruptured world economy.

It seems literally confusing as higher U.S yields helping the dollar to bounce while stimulus could support U.S. equities which can weaken the Dollar. To summarize it, together this time Dollar’s position will remain bearish.

The USD/JPY slightly up 0.6% to 104.31, with the dollar losing 0.1% to the Yen on Monday.

The AUD/USD down 0.7% to 0.7690 on the other hand NZD/USD inched up 0.01% to 0.7161.

The USD/CNY slightly down 0.10% to 6.4733

The GBP/USD pair Inched up to 1.3516.