Global shares hit a record high on worldwide recovery longings

Global shares hit a record high on worldwide recovery longings


Friday Asian Shares are on cloud nine as they touch the record High despite rapidly rising cases of Covid 19, and political chaos in the United States does not hold back Japan’s Nikkei from hitting the peak. Moreover, investors are looking forward to economic recovery.

The New York Stock Exchange strike record highs on Thursday, at the same time bond prices, dropped because of the noticeable factor that the New Democratic Government would lead a hefty amount of export/import to recover the ruptured economy of the U.S.

MSCI All country world index of Asia-Pacific shares up 1% apart from Japan striking a record high.

Dow Hit an all-time high of 30,829.40
Likewise, Seoul’s Kospi and Tokyo Nikkei hit the record high of 2.8% and 1.73% consecutively.

Regardless of the news that the U.S organization is banning investing in major Chinese businesses including telecoms firms from FTSE Russell and MSCI indexes under the Trump administration, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng rose 1.2%.

Australia S&P/ASX 200 rose just a bit 0.48% as Covid 19 new variant, which is highly contagious found in capital Brisbane, with Queensland to enter the three-day lockdown.

The S&P 500 achieved a 1.48% high with the Nasdaq Composite joined 2.56% on Thursday ending with record highs.

The chaos created by Trump supporters, marching towards the U.S Capitol building has made government officials emphasize removing President Trump from office before Joe Biden’s initiation date of Jan 20.