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Rivian Gears up for Nasdaq Debut, Tesla Bounces Back

Rivian Gears up for Nasdaq Debut, Tesla Bounces Back

The electric car manufacturer Rivian is all set to make its debut on the Nasdaq today with the highest IPO, and the timings could not be more perfect than this. A pledge of not using fossil fuel-based vehicles by 2040 was taken by the countries and the top companies to reduce the carbon emissions that are highly affecting the climate and causing global warming. They did a settlement to have a stronger environment.

It’s a matter of concern that the key players of the automotive industry like Germany, China, and the USA were not present at the meeting. These brands make cars like Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and more. However, it seems like the brands will be present in the talk going to happen in the future because everyone is looking to have a better climate that is human friendly.

Talking about the Rivian, it started in the year 2009 when it launched its first and fully electric R1T pickup truck in September. The brand has received 55,400 orders since then and it looks like the corporation is going to speed up its production because of high demand in the near future. From a report, it will take almost 60 years for the company to fulfill the present order they have with them.

Elon Musk’s Tesla has seen a near 20% drop when traders saw a Twitter poll that was rumored to be spreading the news of the selling of the Tesla owner’s shares to avoid the tax. But the news has got settled now as the prices of the shares got raised to over 4% in the day. For more updates about the forex world, keep reading the Xtreamforex news section and grow your financial knowledge. Don’t forget to see the other news of the forex world too to earn an income with the right trading knowledge.