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UK PM Boris Johnson says he will resign

UK PM Boris Johnson says he will resign

After several of high profile cabinet member. Resigned, PM Boris said he will resign from his current positions, until the new leader, who will take place on. Next month till than he will stay on his current position.

  • On press conference Boris said he will step down as conservative party leader and prime minister.
  • UK PM Boris Johnson will stay till the new conservative leader is elected.
  • On the other side, opposition wants him to leave as UK head of government immediately.
  • The decisions come after PM was abandoned by newly appointed ministers.

Main key event after Boris Johnson resignation:

After numerous scandals rocked Boris administration and pressure mounted from conservative party colleagues. Boris resigns from his position. He will step down. Once his replacement is chosen. Leadership race is already begun and victor will replace Johnson in October. Labor party leader Keir Starmer demands no-confidence vote if UK PM Boris Johnson doesn’t step down immediately.
The main scandal to hit Johnson government, he was handling the case against Christopher, and he failed to give report against it.
Pincher resigned in late June being accused of having groped two male colleagues at night club Boris resignation can push down the GBP/USD, GBP/USD is already 3 years low and now currencies has to face more difficulties for more info stay tune with XtreamForex.