VPS Hosting

Gear Up for Uninterrupted Trading

Virtual Private Server is widely known as VPS, It is a remote service that works autonomously, A VPS runs virtually imitating devoted server environments within a large Servers. It imparts secured and firm trading by providing permanent connectivity to the internet without any disruption.

Advantages of VPS

Runs 24/7

Ideal Connection

No effect of unforeseen
Down Time, Power cuts, and
other obstacles.

Minimize Delay in
order execution

Speedy recuperation
of lost data

Smooth Functioning
alongside other operating

How VPS Trading Work
To go ahead with VPS, You have to join the network of Renowned Brokers such as Xtreamforex.
Once the connection to the VPS is live, you are then directed to a different desktop with similar functions and privacy as a real PC.
After the approval of your broker, you will receive a user name and password to access its IP address and associate it to the server using a remote desktop application.
Finally, you can log in and start your trading as usual with regular trading activities.

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XtreamForex is committed to bringing forth advanced technology. This time we have joined forces with the finest provider to permit access to Free VPS hosting to our clients for exceptional trading conditions with security and flexibility.