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XAU/USD bounces with USD 1,770 support and Fed is in focus

XAU/USD bounces with USD 1,770 support and Fed is in focus

Gold (XAU/USD) is stable at around $ 1,772 and cannot recover from four months of support at the beginning of Wednesday. The price of the gold bar has fallen over the past two days amid growing concerns about a South African Covid variant known as Omicron and the limited hope of the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). But while vaccine news has questioned the issue of the virus, the continued decline in US inflation expectations and the surge in coronavirus infections have led to the Fed’s hawks during today’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). May stop. According to a model shared by ABC News, Australia’s most populous state of New South Wales produces 25,000 new Covid cases daily, while the UK has more hospitalizations for Omicron and a shortage of rapid test kits. There is a possibility. Elsewhere, China and Europe appear to be suffering from a variant of COVID 19, but Japan is about to be optimistic. In addition, Pfizer reports that the three shots of the vaccine are 70% more effective and 33% safer for infection than hospitalization at Omicron. The drug company also reported that the experimental COVID 19 pill, Paxlovid, is effective in tame all variants of Covid, including Omicron.

Conversely, US Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) data show that US inflation expectations, measured at 10-year breakeven inflation, have fallen to 11-week lows, in contrast to record-high producers. is. November Price Index (PPI) for testing Federal Reserve Bank hawks. “We expect the monthly pace to double from $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion, which is in line with the end of quantitative easing in mid-March rather than mid-June. Authorities also said in a statement, economic forecasts. , May use a scatter chart change to convey a more aggressive tone. The median is expected to show a 50 basis point increase in fund interest rates in 2022, “TD Securities said.

Elsewhere, geopolitical and trade tensions between the United States and China, and between the United States and Iran also emphasize market sentiment, but face a slight reaction from the Fed.

In the midst of these games, US Treasury and S & P 500 futures returns are sluggish as they reflect pre-FRB market sentiment. Similarly, stock performance in the Asia Pacific region varies. Looking to the future, gold prices may remain vulnerable as the Fed anticipates a major fight against inflation. But Omicron is ready to throw a wildcard.